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Welcome to the Prospect Factory

The Prospect Factory is a B2B telemarketing consultancy that is totally unique - leading the way in
“Pay by Appointment” direct marketing.

The Prospect Factory does not charge expensive monthly retained fees for its telemarketing services and our clients only pay for our results and not for our time.

The Prospect Factory conducts telemarketing, as it should be...

Market research has demonstrated that up to 70% of a sales team’s activity is spent on tasks other than sitting face to face with a qualified prospect and winning new business.

The Prospect Factory specialises in improving sales team efficiency, and will remove hours of non productive, time consuming, and morale destroying cold calling from your sales function.

The Prospect Factory will get you face to face with your future customers – so contact us now to find out more.



2014 continues to be a tremendous year for The Prospect Factory with new records being set in terms of new business wins, existing customer growth and volumes of new business leads and appointments being set. To accommodate this growth, we … Continue reading



The Prospect Factory and our team of exceptional B2B appointment generators had a fantastic start to 2013, setting a record number of over 2,000 new business sales appointments and leads for our customers in Q1. Whilst market conditions remain challenging, … Continue reading


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