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Market Intelligence

What we do

How in tune are you with your customers? How much of their custom are you getting? How do your service levels rate against competitors?  What do you need to do to adapt to changing markets? To increase your market share and get one step ahead of the competition, these are just some of the key issues you need to have a firm handle on.

We’ll lead you in a profitable direction by providing all the expertise and support you need. Our wide-ranging services cover customer profiling and satisfaction surveys, post-sales appointment verification calls, mystery shop calls, industry analysis, competitor research, as well as market identification and  database building.

Using every means – such as telephone, email and postal contact – we provide one-to-one relationship marketing on a scale that’s unrivalled by any other medium.

The Benefits

Understand your customers

Are you receiving all the business they have to offer and how do they view your service?

Know your competition

Understand the threats to your business and react accordingly.

Identify new markets

Where will your business be coming from in the future?

Business-minded telemarketing team

We recruit articulate, experienced telemarketing professionals from a business background to keep in touch and track of your customers and demonstrate that you value their custom and loyalty. With their ability to foster a close trusted relationship with your prospect or customer, our approach sets us apart from the rest.

Customer research

Our professionals will poll your customers on their preferences and satisfaction levels. By defining, creating and implementing customer satisfaction surveys, along with collating their results, we’re able to gather intelligent research data that you can use to improve your service, increase business and boost your profit margins.

Lead / appointment generation

We only generate quality leads and appointments with key influencers and decision makers, so that you get the best possible chance to convert them into a sale.

Industry analysis & competitive insight

Through carrying out extensive analysis of your industry and your competitors’ activities we can identify potential new market opportunities that you might not otherwise discover.

Data intelligence

We can source, build or cleanse data lists to ensure that your marketing campaigns get off to the best possible start.

Quick note of thanks for your support on setting up the campaign. Your experience of our systems and processes has allowed us to get up and running in short amount of time.

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Intelligence that drives business success

We’ll lead you to the best strategy to grow your business.

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