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Risk free telemarketing for your business

Pay Per Appointment and Lead Generation

What we do

Need to obtain quality sales leads and appointments for venturing into new markets or strengthening your existing marketing activities?

Simply being provided with high volumes of leads isn’t good enough. Whether you have a list of lapsed customers or specifically targeted prospects, they must be qualified and easily convertible into sales to really prove their worth.

That’s why at The Prospect Factory we use our expertise to identify key influencers and decision makers and qualify them to ensure that they are willing to hear more about your organisation and its products and services. Through building up a close relationship, we will warm and nurture their interest to a stage when they are open to sales or appointment opportunities. It is then up to your sales team to attend the appointment and use their skills to win the business!

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to provide your sales team with a constant supply of qualified leads, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Unlike our competitors who often charge expensive daily or monthly retained fees with no guarantee of results – we are happy to discuss pricing your campaign on a pay per appointment and results based model.

The Benefits

Risk free telemarketing

If we don’t generate any leads or appointments – or they don’t meet the agreed quality criteria – there’s no charge.

Qualified sales opportunities

All our appointments and leads follow a strict audit process and come with a call recording to prove their quality.

Profitable results

On average, our clients enjoy a 20% to 40% sales conversion rate from the sales opportunities we provide. Return on Investment is the key measurable on all our campaigns.

Research and insight

We recruit mature, articulate telemarketing professionals with business expertise to represent your brand, identify potential customers, their buying preferences, competitor activity and current satisfaction levels.

Data intelligence

We can source, build or cleanse data lists to ensure that your marketing campaigns get off to the best possible start.

Strategy and planning

By selecting the best marketing channels and planning strategies based on reliable data and KPIs, we can formulate a direct marketing campaign that will give you the best ROI for your budget.

Qualifying contacts

Our experts identify key influencers and decision makers and qualify them to ensure that they are willing to hear more about your organisation and its products and services.

Lead / appointment generation

We only generate quality leads and appointments with key influencers and decision makers, so that you get the best possible chance to convert them into a sale.

Nurture 360

A complete multi-channel approach, nurturing your prospects to become qualified sales leads.

Creative impact

Our impactful creative designs will captivate your brand’s audience and communicate your message effectively to get real results.

Marketing collateral

We create email, digital content, brochures and direct mail campaigns that are tuned into your target customers.

The Prospect Factory kept my sales team busy with a constant stream of qualified appointments.

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Warming your prospects towards red-hot sales

We’ll lead you to the best strategy to grow your business.

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