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Dealing effectively with automotive loyalty

In 2012, The Prospect Factory was selected by one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers to help create and fulfil their SME client retention programme.

It was identified early on in the project that the Manufacturers current client retention levels were not easily or accurately measured due to the myriad of reporting methods and processes provided by the UK dealership network.

The main challenges and objectives

The main challenges and objectives of the client retention programme were to:

Centralise and update

Centralise and update where necessary the entire Manufacturer SME client database.


Amalgamate the CRM systems to enable the flow of data between the customer, dealer network and the Manufacturer.

Create a suite of reports

Create a suite of reports so that the client retention rate and other agreed KPI’s were not only accessible at all times, but visible to all campaign stakeholders and totally accurate.

Devise a contact strategy

Devise a contact strategy for all the Manufacturer SME clients, to ensure that every customer was contacted by letter and phone prior to their vehicle renewal.

The ultimate objective

The ultimate objective of the retention campaign was to make contact with every client during their last 6 months of the contract hire agreement to ensure they were not only totally satisfied with the vehicle they have been driving, but to determine and understand what they were likely to do for their next vehicle.

With access to all the manufacturer pricing and special offers, The Prospect Factory were in a position to not only contact the customer before the competition, but to start the process of engaging brand loyalty and to positon new vehicle options based on the needs of the driver so that wherever possible, a new vehicle order was placed and their custom was retained for years to come.

The retention campaign continues to be a huge success with the Manufacturer now reporting some of the highest client retention rates in the automotive sector.

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