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Accurately surveying customer satisfaction levels

The Prospect Factory secured a 2-year contract to conduct customer satisfaction surveys’ for one of the world’s largest fleet management & vehicle rental firms. The customer satisfaction surveys were critical to our client, because not only they were the independent means to capture accurate feedback on how their regional depots were performing, but also staff performance and remuneration were based on the scores attained.

The main challenges and objectives

The main challenges & objectives of the customer satisfaction surveys were to:

Make contact

Make contact with 2,100 business customers each quarter – split by regional depot.

Ask questions

Speak to the main point of contact on behalf of our client and ask 15 questions which related to the level of service they had received during the previous quarter.

Update details

Capture any changes in customer contact information and update the client CRM.

Pass on information

Pass any immediate services issues to our client to resolve.

Identify new business

Identify any immediate new business opportunities and pass to our client to quote.


Collate all the survey information captured into Excel and PowerPoint and then submit to our client for Board presentation and evaluation.

Meet deadline

Meet the deadline for submission each quarter!

Capture new business opportunities

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