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Hello (Again): Using Telemarketing for Customer Retention

Telemarketing Retention

Most marketing strategies are designed around the thrill of the hunt. The focus is often on the search and acquisition of new customers – generating leads, winning buyers, expanding the market, increasing sales from more sources.

But what many companies are realising today is that focusing on your existing customers instead of merely running after potential ones can be the more profitable and sustainable approach. Taking care of your current crop of buyers and making sure they feel valued and listened to by your business can make a significant change to your bottom line.

Businesses that have higher customer retention rates benefit from the following:

There is no one-shot formula for establishing a good customer retention strategy. Every business is unique so the tactics that you use will depend on your target market. But you can look into utilising the tools and solutions that have proven to be effective, such as telemarketing.

Here are some telemarketing customer retention tactics that have been proven to deliver great results:

Customer survey

Before you can make any move aiming to increase retention rates, you need to have a good understanding of your customers’ needs and wants first. Telemarketing is one of the most effective tools for conducting market research. Your company may list down the series of questions you want your target respondents to answer, and the entire question-and-answer process can then be implemented by a telemarketing team. Based on the information you have gathered, you can then design and implement your retention tactics the right way. 

Help desk

Customers stay loyal to a brand when they feel that the brand takes the extra mile to serve their needs. Establishing a 24/7 inbound telemarketing channel allows you to field orders, customer queries, payment transactions, ad responses and other concerns that are important enough to customers for them to make the move of calling your business.

After-sales support

Showing that you care is not just a nice gesture; it also makes good business sense. By providing after-sales support, you can also find many opportunities to provide greater understanding about your products and services, and also help customers make the right purchase decisions. Through outbound telemarketing, your business can do follow-up calls to your customers in an efficient and meaningful manner. In doing so, you get to foster regular and transparent communications with your customers – a backbone of business success.

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