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Why Outsource Your Telemarketing?

Outsource Telemarketing

Businesses today have a wider range of options for reaching out to customers. Some organisations now seem to prefer non-voice communication platforms, such as emails and social media.

Does this mean that your business should forget about telemarketing and just rely on other marketing and communication tactics?

That would be a big mistake.

As many numerous businesses all over the world has proven, telemarketing can help develop your business in leaps and bounds. But the key here is proper telemarketing, and for this, experienced telemarketing companies should be hired.

Why not just entrust the task to your own people or hire your own telemarketers?

First of all, it’s more cost-effective. Comparative studies reveal that when it comes to hourly rate, businesses do pay more for outsourced telemarketing services. However, that’s merely for the services. If businesses create their own telemarketing team, they do not only have to allocate money for employee salaries, but they also have to pay for recruitment, training and equipment.

Likewise, because the telemarketing team is the business’s own employees, they have to be provided typical employee benefits, which regularly cost a significant amount of money. On top of those, there may be non-stop training for new employees because there is often a quick turnover of employees for this type of work. Meanwhile, a reliable, seasoned and outsourced telemarketing company can be up and running — and generating results — far quicker than any in-house telemarketing team or department.

Second, telemarketing requires the right skills, and telemarketing companies specifically develop the necessary skills set for their employees. Therefore, if you entrust the telemarketing requirement of your business to them, you automatically get people who can consistently perform an excellent job.

Third, outsourcing your telemarketing will ensure that your company’s key players are focused on the tasks they do best, instead of trying to meet the quota for sales. It would be a better use of their time to just concentrate on the tasks that they can deliver great results for than to bother with phone calls to chase new prospects.

Fourth, outsourcing your telemarketing will provide your business flexibility. You can use the services according to your business needs. Say, your business sells Christmas items; you can just set a specific period for your marketing campaign, like five months before Christmas. During the months when people are not interested in your products, you can pull the plug on the 24/7 telemarketing and your business can just focus on production in time for the fresh onslaught of demand in the third and fourth quarters of the year. You can’t just pull the plug on people you’ve hired as regular employees.

And lastly, this strategy ensures a reliable ROI.  With an established budget and a specific length of campaign, you’ll have full visibility of costs versus return. With an employed staff member, it’s not going to be easy to equate the cost of their employment versus the return in addition to the ROI.

Telemarketing is crucial to success in this highly competitive business environment, so make sure you do it — and that you do it right.

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