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Top Telemarketing Challenges Today and How to Handle Them

Telemarketing Challenges

Telemarketing remains to be one of the most powerful platforms for customer communication, despite the emergence of newer technologies that seem faster and sexier.

One of the main reasons for its continuing influence is the real-time, voice-based, person-to-person interaction it allows – something that’s not easily available through other more popular channels such as email or social media.

In this age of high-tech communication, there is still no substitute for good old-fashioned human conversations.

Don’t get too nostalgic about it, though: telemarketing isn’t the same as before. Businesses utilising this platform are facing more than a few challenges, which mostly have been driven by the massive changes in the worlds of business and telecom.

If you’ve been using telemarketing in your business in the past few years, you may find that:

So is telemarketing dead? Far from it! In the face of these challenges, leading telemarketing specialists have devised new tactics that not only address current issues but also enhance the inherent power of telemarketing. Look into how you can incorporate the following moves into your strategy:

Be the welcoming committee

Determine newcomers to every specific location in your market. Use telemarketing to know about the service and products they may need in their new home and neighbourhood. Telemarketing is also great for client on-boarding, allowing new customers to feel welcomed, and encouraging them to stay for years to come.

Make it personal

Generic-sounding sales calls turn people off. Make sure your pitch is relevant and timely for your target audience. Segment your market (location, age, gender, buying capacity are some metrics you can use) so you can construct a tailored message for each segment that appeals to their specific interests.

Expand your channels

Telemarketing may be influential, but it should not be the be-all and end-all of your marketing. Your telemarketing strategy should be aligned with your overall marketing strategy. It should be integrated with your use of other channels such as emails, social media and other avenues that are relevant to your audience.

Offer recommendations

Support calls and after-sales interactions can be used for product and service upgrades as well as cross-selling opportunities. As always, approach telemarketing as not just another way to make more sales, but as a reliable platform for expanding and re-strengthening client relationships. 

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