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How to Get Your Boss Onboard for a Telemarketing Campaign

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Here at The Prospect Factory, we often deal with individuals who inquire about the suite of services we offer. Most of them are convinced about the value that we bring to the table. However, most of them are not in the position to make the final decision and still need to convince their bosses about the importance of the services we offer, including pay per appointment and lead generation, client retention and contract renewal, database cleansing and market intelligence.

The main challenge here is convincing your boss that your company can benefit from our services. How do you do that? Here are a few potential questions that your boss might ask, as well as the best responses to these.

What are the guarantees?

No reputable firm will promise that a campaign will be 100 percent successful. There are plenty of different factors that can influence the outcomes. But if all parties are onboard and the clients are engaged and provide full support, the chances for success are high.

How do we know that we are getting our money’s worth?

Apart from the use of different metrics, there are two ways for us to ensure the quality of our services. First, all calls are recorded, allowing clients to assess the quality of these calls. Second, we can help source quality data to match your campaign requirements or use the data you currently have and assess its quality for you.

Can’t we just launch an email campaign?

It’s understandable for many bosses to advocate the use of an email marketing campaign — it costs practically nothing.

However, the low cost of an email marketing campaign can also be one of its biggest drawbacks. Simply put, a lot of other businesses are using emails. Furthermore, most consumers delete emails without even opening them, which essentially translates to wasted effort.

A successful email campaign requires an updated contact database. For a telemarketing campaign, we can collect the email addresses of the decision makers you are targeting even if the call does not result in a lead.

Can’t we do this ourselves?

You know your products/services better than anybody else. Plus, you have enough people to spare for the campaign. And so you think, “Can’t we just do everything in-house?”

There are plenty of advantages to be had from outsourcing a telemarketing campaign. First, your company will access a deep pool of trained professionals. That means that there will be agents manning the phones 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Outsourcing can also give your company the flexibility to meet its demands. If you need to test an approach or scale up or down, or even halt a campaign, your partner firm can help guide you toward the right direction.

Finally, outsourcing enables your organisation to focus on its core competencies. With a single account manager supported by able team leaders, you can benefit from a solid structure that has been proven to deliver the best results.

They don’t know us like we do.

Indeed, nobody knows your products or services better than you and your people. But that is not necessary for the success of your campaign. With our extensive experience, it is highly likely that we have worked with other companies with products or services similar to the ones your company offers. Our team can leverage that experience, and in cases where in we need to study up on your products or services, we can pick up the necessary information.

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