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What Are the Best Success Metrics for Telemarketing?

Telemarketing Metrics

It is an established fact that telemarketing is a crucial component of business success, but how do you determine if your telemarketing campaign is successful? The following are the most reliable metrics to use.

Sales Performance

Marketing is always conducted with the objective of netting in more sales. The difference in sales performance between the launch of the telemarketing campaign and the time prior to that is always a solid indicator of its efficacy and success.

ROI of your telemarketing campaign

Here are the important questions to ask:

The number of calls made

The number of calls indicates the level of activity and momentum, and should thus be constantly monitored.

The rate of conversions made through telemarketing

This involves several variables such as reception to the call, how compelling the spiel was to the prospects, how good the agent is at selling, and many others. But the crucial thing about this gauge or metric is to monitor performance of calls and how they led prospects to become customers (and even referrers).

Amount of time dedicated to telemarketing

This is in terms of time on the phone used for calling prospects, as well as admin time.

Quality of calls

This covers call rates and the kind of exchange that transpired between the agent and the client or prospect.

The exchanges or discussions wherein lead generation occurs

This doesn’t just cover number of leads generated in a given period of time, but also how fast leads were acquired through cold calling.

Quality of data procured through calls

The kind of data procured is an important metric. It goes without saying that only good data derived from calls matter. This means the effort was fruitful and it secured the advantage of the business. New and useful information make good data.

The telemarketing agents’ performance

Success with calls is greatly dependent on how engaging and informative the telemarketing agent is. It’s important to find out how they act in the face of prospects – their overall behaviour and persuasiveness.

There are still a few other metrics for successful telemarketing; however, these bear more weight in terms of clearly establishing overall performance. It’s best to keep tabs on these metrics to see if your telemarketing campaign is yielding the results that can secure your business’s advantage.

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