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How Can a Telemarketing Call Centre Help Increase Your Sales?

Here are a few simple reasons why hiring a telemarketing like The Prospect Factory will be the sales strategy you need to get a well-deserved boost.

How to Get Your Boss Onboard for a Telemarketing Campaign

If you are not in the position to make the final decision and still need to convince your bosses about the importance of the services we offer, read on...

What Are the Best Success Metrics for Telemarketing?

How do you determine if your telemarketing campaign is successful? The following are the most reliable metrics to use.

Top Telemarketing Challenges Today and How to Handle Them

Telemarketing remains to be one of the most powerful platforms for customer communication, despite the emergence of newer technologies that seem faster and sexier.

Why Outsource Your Telemarketing?

Why not just entrust the task to your own people or hire your own telemarketers?

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